More than neighborhood watch

Tackling community issues and neighborhood problems is a team effort. Whether dealing with crime or working to revitalize a blighted street, it truly takes a village. Buckeye Police Foundation has learned what works best over the years to bring residents and business owners together for the greater good. Today, we are proud to be fully involved with Buckeye Police Neighborhood Services Department volunteers working on behalf of our community.



crime prevention

You can generally tell a safe neighborhood versus an unsafe neighborhood by how well homes are kept and the number of people on the streets. The Buckeye Police Neighborhood Services Department has a Block Watch program that you can volunteer and take an active part in. The Foundation assists Buckeye Police Dept. in taking a vigilant approach to crime prevention.

community education

No neighborhood is static; people move in and out all the time. We assist the Buckeye Police Neighborhood Services Department in providing information and  education services to HOA's and other neighborhood groups. It's as much about keeping people informed as it is about getting people involved.



community growth

There is no escaping community growth; however, how it is handled makes all the difference. The Foundation continues to work with the Buckeye Police Neighborhood Services Dept. to provide information about various programs including "Buckeye Cares' for our elderly shut- ins and Domestic Violence awareness and referrals.


challenge bags

"Challenge Bags" are packed with helpful items, such as toothbrushes and tooth paste, water bottles, granola bars, personal hygiene products, socks and various other items for personal use.  These bags are provided to victims of other crimes.